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Here at Advansys we understand how important the communication & sharing of information is. That is why all our network installations match your needs exactly.

We supply & install a range of network solutions using the latest Microsoft Windows applications. Be it wired or a wireless network, we offer the latest technology to keep your information flowing.

The following case study will give you a better understanding of how we function.

A client recently contacted us to discuss some of the issues they were have with their IT system. On investigation, we found that the client was working off a Peer-to-Peer system, which was no longer satisfactory as the client was in a growth phase and needed a more reliable, stable IT solution. Furthermore, security and virus protection was insufficient as were backup procedures and internet access.

Following our initial meeting, we developed a plan in conjunction with the client to address theses issues. The solution we provided is as illustrated bellow.

Our client was looking for a wireless solution so that access to the Server could be available from anywhere within their premises. This gave flexibility as well as reduced cost of ownership. Furthermore, access via a Virtual Private Network was required as new premises had opened recently and the client wished to ensure the new site had full access to the IT resources at the existing site. We transferred Internet Access to a DSL solution providing substantial cost savings over the previous ISDN solution and almost 10 times the speed. We are in on-going discussions with this client to provide a Voice over IP solution between the 2 offices to reduce telephone call charges.

Our client was fully involved with the decision making process and was very satisfied with not only the robustness of the solution but with the manner in which we undertook our work. The chart below illustrates the various steps we undertook to obtain our goals with the client.

1. Meet with client
2. Present plan
3. Provide quotation
4. On agreement, purchase Hardware & Software
5. Implement plan

a. Server
i. Install & configure
1. Server (Windows Small Business Server)
2. Hub/Switch
3. Firewall
4. DSL wireless devices
5. Printer Server

b Desktops
i. Install desktops (Windows XP Pro, Office Pro)
ii. Install wireless devices
iii. Link to Server

6. Test system & Handover
7. Provide on-going support


DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is an always-on internet connection that ends in a socket on your wall, that looks much like a phone socket.
DSL is billed per month, usually for a fixed price and for the majority of providers, for unlimited usage. In other words, whether you use it for email once a day or you are a net addict and use it constantly your bill is always the same.
Once you have a DSL line you can use the entire resources of the internet in the same way as you did from a regular modem, except you can use them 24 hours a day with no connection delay and without a busy signal or any connection/disconnection process
The key advantage of DSL over modem is speed. DSL is from several to dozens of times faster than a modem connection.
Connection speed, reliability, and the 'always-on' nature of DSL are the main reasons it is so popular. For small businesses, DSL is also a great way to save money compared to pay per minute ISDN service.

Affordable high speed Internet access has made its way to Ireland, at long last. We install & maintain the latest DSL solutions for the home & workplace

A firewall is a system or group of systems that enforces an access control policy between two networks. The actual means by which this is accomplished varies widely but in principle, the firewall can be thought of as a pair of mechanisms: one which
exists to block traffic and the other which exists to permit traffic.
Some firewalls place a greater emphasis on blocking traffic while others
emphasize permitting traffic. Probably the most important thing to recognize about a firewall is that it implements an access control policy.

We install and maintain the latest in firewall technology to keep you and
your system safe.

“Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information on it. “
Samuel Johnson (1709 - 1784)